Elise Zain Borromeo, born on December 18, 2003 as Concetta Elisha Borromeo Dualin, is an amateur blogger. Her hobbies and likes are writing in a paper, singing, watching movies and television shows, and exploring the whole town. Aside from those, she also has time for listening to Zain Malik, One Direction, Bro. Ken Miranda and Bro. Brian Vee. She also likes thinking about the world and its people. From thinking about almost everything, she started exploring the world.


The Philippine Island, as we all know, have been engaged in politics since then, even before the country was colonized by the Western people. Philippines had its leaders during the pre-colonial period, some known leaders are Lakan Dula, Rajah Humabon and Lapu-Lapu.

Filipinos’ ears are very sensitive to the word ‘Politics’. Like for example, people who are busy doing their chores or whatsoever, when you start talking about politics, they would, for a while stop what they are doing to give their point of view about it. They can do this be cause we, the Filipino people, are aware and alarm about what is happening atound us, about the latest trends, and the controversial ones, especially when it comes to political issues, now that almost every headline or front page of newspapers is about it.

What is really politics? We have been hearing it in almost everywhere, but what does it actually means? 

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is the art of science of government or to infuence a government, concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy, or concerned with winning and holding control over a government. While according to Wikipedia, it is the process of making decisions applying to all members of each group. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance – organized control over a human community, particularly a state.

This meaning of politics is very evident in everywhere, like here in the Philippines. 

The Philippines as a country is being led by a President from the Executive Branch of the government, with him is a Vice-President, also from the same branch. The Executive Branch is also composed of a cabinet, wherein members including to it are assigned to different agencies of the country. We also have the Legislative Branch, which is divided into two, the upper house, wherein it is compose of 24 senators each elected to the position by the people, and the lower house wherein it is composed of congressmen and women from different municipalities/ province in the Philippines. Then we have the Judiciary Branch, wherein it is lead by a Chief Justice, and his/her other Justices.

Politics in the Philippines, based on my own perception, I can say that it is very intriguing, controversial, as well interesting. As what I have observed, heard and seen from the past till know, Philippine politics have not changed after all, from the projects, the leaders being elected, and of course the people.

We all know that in the case here in the Philippines, people have freedom to elect who they want, may he/ she be good or bad in the eyes of others, and even though it may seem to be unfair. During election day, usually held on May 9 or before that day, candidates have their campaigns in different places in the country. They talk about their political platforms and have theit promises said in front of their people. Then later on, we would find out that some candidate already gave its constituents money. And that is very evident here. Some candidates, use the system of vote buying in order for them to win the election. They usually use this system against the less fortunate, because they know that these people needs money. And as response to that, people get the money and vote for them. But in some cases, some people who accept money from those politicians, don’t actually vote for them. They only accept it because they believe that they deserve to have it, for what those politicians gave them are from the people’s taxes. While some are just persuaded by the candidates’ platform and others don’t have other options or they just can’t decide who to vote.

Then, after an election, politicians are elected to different government position. There we start to expect, and if our expectations are not reached, some would rally against them.

As for the government officials’ performance, I can say that some are dedicated in serving their people, while some are just using their position just for his and his family’s good. Some are very hypocrite, while some are true. Some are also like in show business. And that’s what makes politics very intriguing amd controversial.

Politics today, instead of promting peace, justice and honesty, people would show and teach about hypocrisy and immorality.

But despite of this, I think we, the Filipino people can still change our views about politics. Because as a Filipino, we don’t let anything or anybody destroy us or our country.


As a teen, you should enjoy many, many things in your life. Because being in that stage is not for life. We cannot go back to it, or act like a teen when we are already old. 

Here are 15 Things I that I think Every Teen Should Enjoy:

  1. Food
  2. Books
  3. Music
  4. Shopping
  5. Watching Movies
  6. Playing
  7. Being a child
  8. Helping Others
  9. Thinking
  10. Schooling
  11. Having Fun with Friends
  12. Being with your Family
  13. Freedom
  14. Exploring the World
  15. Celebrating The Gift Of Life


Sorsogon City is only one of the municipalities in the whole town of Sorsogon in Bicol Region. Known as Bicol’s largest city and thr Pro-life city, I know that this hometown of mine can offer a lot of things to you.

One thing I know that we can offer is the city itself. The city can be your second home, since from then until know the place is developing, malls and buildings are being added. You can shop,  and explore the place like what you are used to in your hometown. 

When we go exploring the world, first thing that comes into our mind is the place where we can peacefully and joyfully eat. Well, what some of usdon’t know is that when it comes to it, Sorsogon City has a lot to offer.

Here are some of the great places I know where your standards will be satisfied:

1. Leonardo’s Restaurant (Burgos St., Sorsogon City)

2. Mango Grill (Magsaysay St., Sorsogon City)

3. Bigg’s Diner (SM Savemore, Magsaysay St., Sorsogon City)

4. Bookshack Cafe (Burgos St., Sorsogon City)


Being in the STOC wasn’t very easy at all. Almost everyday, we have to deal with the changes in our life as we go through a new chapter in our life. Here are 10 STOC SURVIVAL  TIPS for you to be guided:

  1. Set your Goals
  2. Be Inspired
  3. Have yourself Motivated
  4. Have Fun and Enjoy learning and understanding things
  5. Balance your time/ the things around you
  6. Give your 100%  in everything you do
  7. Be Fair
  8. Be Humble 
  9. Keep your heart and mind  peaceful 
  10. Trust in God’s plan


There are instances in our life wherein we want to runaway from our problems. We want our heart and mind to be at peace. One effective way of getting rid of it is by traveling and by seeking adventure.

Our purpose in having this is for us to satisfy our feeling or to keep ourselves calm and relax. So we walk, we run, we even climb or swim, that is how we do it. And sometimes, when we’re having too much of it, we never noticed that our feet has brought us to places which seems new to our eyes. Then we start to wonder. We think and we think and we think, until we had finally decided be in that place and start exploring it.

When we explore, we meet people, then the next thing we know, we are already adapting to their culture. That’s the good thing about traveling, we meet people and start a friendly relationship with them. Maybe this is the purpose why problems in life are given to us.

He gives us problems, because He wants us to deal with it. He wants us to teach ourselves how to smile despite all of it. He gives us these because He knew we can… we can solve and handle it. He gives us these because He wants us to explore the world, to know that your not the only one suffering from it. He gives us these because he’s testing us for a greater ang bigger mission that would change our life forever.

He know that by giving us this, we will want to go to places for us to meditate. We’ll be meditating, and the next thing we know will happen, our mind is already free and we us His children, already know what our purpose is because we already found ourself.